Vertical Parking is a new model of parking which uses a brand new technology of automated vertical storage.

Our technology basically consists of collapsible metal profiles and small equipment such as motors, PLC, sensors and locks. Its modularized concept allows greater flexibility to disassemble, transport and reassemble part or the entire parking structure on another site, if the land lease is terminated or whenever it's more attractive to investors.

There's clear innovation in our storage model proposed and the way the cars are moved and positioned, resulting in a totally new concept of parking. Verticalization is used without the need to build costly and permanent civil works.

Due to the system automation, the vehicle doesn't need a driver while being stored, allowing the owner to keep its vehicle locked and carry the key of his car, thus eliminating the need for valets. This fact minimizes the cost of labor for the removal of a vehicle.

Vertical Parking uses computational intelligence and advanced logistics to manage the whole system operation, making possible the greatest efficiency in space occupation. In summary, a software manages, organizes and optimizes the storage system with a high rate of volumetric occupation.

Due to the mechanization of the system, there are no risks of accidents when maneuvering the cars and their integrity is assured. The whole system is monitored by cameras all the time.

Another great advantage is that the reception does not keep the keys of the parked cars, making it near impossible any theft/robbery attempt. This way, insurance costs are reduced.